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Drexel University online

Drexel Online University- A leader in integrating technology with academics

Drexel University, which is a technological university in Philadelphia, is among the top 50 private, national doctoral/ research as well as non- profit universities of the United States of America.

The University has been ranked as one of the America’s best colleges for 2010 by the U.S News and World Report. Besides this, the Drexel University online also received the 21st century best practise award for distance learning from the United Sates distance learning association.
The University also offers a few quality and sophisticated e- learning methods in order to ensure that you receive the similar Drexel University online, without worrying about any commuting hassle, career interruption or fixed class hours.

Why only Drexel University online?

There are various reasons of opting for Drexel University online. But the top reasons of pursuing the education from Drexel University online are:

  • The first and the most important reason is that The Drexel university is among the top 50 non- profit, private, national/ doctoral research universities in the US and it is ranked as one of the best colleges for 2010 by U.S News and World report.
  • The University has several distinctions as well like it has the world’s first school of nursing, has nation’s largest private medical college and it has one of the most booming co- op educational, which were established in the year 1919.

Drexel, which is also known as Philadelphia’s technological university, was the first major university to provide microcomputers to all its students. Besides this, the University’s campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled and it also has a wireless Web Portal for its students.

  • The online program of the Drexel follows the similar high academic standards, as Drexel’s on campus degree programs does.
  • The faculty members of the university are highly esteemed, with more than 90 percent having PhDs. Most of them are distinguished authorities in their fields and are widely honoured in the category of research and teaching.
  • The Drexel is regionally accredited by the Middle states association of Colleges and secondary schools. Besides this, the university is also accredited by the AACSB (Business), NLNAC (Nursing) and ALA (Information Science).
  • One very impressive feature of Drexel is that you can earn your degree while working. While pursuing an online degree, you can either attend full- time or part time, as it is 100 percent online.

Besides this, you don’t even need to commute to the campus.

  • As far as the Instruction materials are concerned, they come in graphics, text in the audio or the video formats, which are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Apart from this, you can also interact with your professors or classmates via e- mail or the interactive web chat tools.

  • Cost saving is another impressive feature of the online education at Drexel. The prices of the online programs are much lower than the programs taught on campus. In addition to this, there aren’t any application fees or campus related fees.

Besides this, you can also transfer credit from prior college studies, which is very useful in minimising your total tuition.


The Drexel University is accredited by the Middle states Commission on Higher education.


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