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Bellevue University- The Most affordable online learning option

Education is believed to be the best investment one can make today. And investing your precious life and valuable money in a renowned university like Bellevue University is simply a great option.
The university accepts all credit in your associate’s degree. Yes! That’s every credit either in your A.A.S, A.S, A.G.S and A.A degree and guess what you can complete your degree 100 percent online.

A person can enrol in the associate’s degree program of the university and can complete your degree in as less as 12 months. You can select from more than 20 career- relevant bachelor’s degree, leading edge- master’s degree as well as the only Ph. D in human capital management.
You can avail the largest Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration only from the Bellevue University.

Besides this, the university also offers a number of Certificate of Completion programs that are developed with the subject matter experts that will help you to grow in various major fields.

Enrolling yourself to their exclusive Job loss Deferment program

You can compare the tuition cost of the Bellevue University with other universities and you will find that Bellevue is the most affordable option of them all.

Besides this, the University also accepts the credit earned by you, which means there is very less to take and pay for those who are enrolling in.

In case you lose your full time job involuntarily, while enrolled, the University promises to defer your tuition fees and the loan payments upto 6 months.

Complete your bachelor’s degree within a year by starting with more credit

If you enrol with your associate’s degree, close to 60 credit hours, you can easily complete your bachelor’s degree within a year. What else, Bellevue University also awards credit for military as well as corporate training, CLEP as well as DSST exams.

There is no repeating course, no going backward.

The courses are easily accessible

You don’t need to be a computer- savvy in order to take benefits of online learning from the Bellevue University. With the university’s award- winning active classroom, you can pursue the courses in an engaging and interactive manner.

Apart from this, you can also access the University’s resource- rich online library and that too 24/7.

The degrees are respected as well as accepted by global employers

The Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, which also accredits ten big universities of the world. Apart from this, the University is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Other than this, The Bellevue University College of Business degree programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate business education (IACBE). Not only this, The Bellevue University is also a member of AACSB International.

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