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About Baker college

Baker College Online, which is headquartered in the city of Michigan, is a division of the Baker College system. It was found in the year 1911 and is one of the largest private college systems of not only the state, but the whole nation.

The Baker College Online serves over 40,000 students and offers 40 different degrees. The college is attributed at both graduate as well as undergraduate levels.
The online college aims at preparing students for careers in high employment fields like computers, business, health care etc.

Functioning of Baker Online

You can pursue your entire degree program through your computer via internet that helps in creating a link between the students and the faculty. This online process can happen between the two computers anywhere on opposite sides of the earth.
All the students of Baker’s online college become involved actively in various interactive learning groups.

The courses here offered are six weeks long and the beginning as well as end dates is scheduled properly. On the introductory day, the online instructor sends an opening lecture to start the study process of the week.
Besides this, in order to stimulate discussions the online instructor also includes the discussion questions that are related to the topic at the end of the lecture.

And as the week progresses, the student pursuing the online course is made to work on the assignments as well as readings. Apart from this, you are made a part of classroom discussions too.
Your instructor is always available to receive your queries and send the feedback. You are also kept informed on your weekly status via computer only.

How much will it cost me?

To pursue the Baker’s online course, a student must have experience with the computers and one must also know the ways of loading software and using word processing program.

Have you ever been intimidated by the tuition that other online colleges charge?  If you think that online education is very expensive and it cannot be afford. But with The tuition fees at Baker’s online is less than other online colleges.
Because of this, Baker is one of the most affordable options for the busy working students who want to pursue higher education.

The undergraduate course would cost you $190 per credit hour whereas, the graduate course would cost you only $330 per credit hour.

Why to choose Baker?

Why is Baker considered as the best choice for online education? This is because Baker understands your needs to succeed. Other than this, at Baker College you can attain quality education as well as training that will be very useful for you to be successful throughout your career.

  • Accredited- The Baker online is an accredited university, as it combines the highest academic standards with the convenience as well as flexibility of the internet and provides you with an unmatched experience.

The college is accredited by the North Central Association of colleges and schools

  • Convenient- Unlike he programs that asks you to attend on a specific day or time, the programs offered at Baker are entirely flexible.

Yes! You can easily attend classes from anywhere and at anytime.

  • Affordable- One of the major reasons of why more and more people want to pursue the online program of Baker is because it isn’t too expensive like other colleges.
  • Respected- Another impressive feature of Baker online college is that, it offers over 40 different degree programs to its students with both training as well as practical experience.

These programs are updated continually in order to provide the skills and expertise that are highly demanded.


The Baker College is regionally accredited under the Higher Learning commission and it is also the member of North Central Association.

Besides this, the Centre for Graduate studies is also accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

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