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Online Firefighting Courses

In the field of education, the most recent thing that is creating waves is online education. They are like distance learning courses which are now available online. Just like the distance learning courses they help to overcome the hurdles posed by the geographical as well as physical boundaries that exists between institute and the student. These courses can be pursued by anybody irrespective of their age. . People who are working now do not need to leave their jobs to pursue their course of choice. All those who had left their education midway due to some personal reason can now get back to their studies. A variety of courses are available online  and one of it is courses in Firefighting.

This course is being offered by many top colleges and Institutions which are all affiliated ones. To get a degree in this course all one needs to do is visit websites of any of the institutions offering this course and get yourself enrolled. You will get access to all their modules once you register yourself for this course.

There are some reliable Institutes offering these courses online. One of them is discussed below.

Firefighter CE – This institute offers the latest online courses in firefighting. This course is affiliated in Texas. It is also recognized by many other states in US. Those who are currently working in this field can also register themselves for the firefighting continuing education credits. This can be done as per an individual's convenience. Someone who is working can study during shifts or after work. The course that is taught here is the most recently updated course. This course can help you learn various techniques which one can use in firefighting. These are listed below.

  • Fire Service Hose 2
  • Fire Extinguishers 2
  • Fire Service Overhaul 2
  • Fire Service Salvage 2
  • Fire Service Ground Ladders 2
  • Fire Streams 2
  • Forcible Entry 2
  • Ropes & Knots 3
  • Ventilation 2
  • Water Supply 2
  • Inspections 2
  • Public Education 2
  • Wildland Fire Suppression 2
  • SCBA 2
  • Personal Protective Equipment 2
  • Building Search & Rescue 2
  • Fire Science 2
  • Building Construction 2
  • Emergency Service Communications 2
  • Water Supplies 2
  • Fire Protection Systems 2
  • Firefighter Safety 2
  • Rescue & Extrication 2
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

There is one more institution which offers this course. Its name is This one is also an academy which trains the future  firefighters to be better equipped with skills so that they can get an edge over the others. There are two course in this field. The first one is  Fire Academy and the other is EMT School. There are some more courses that are taught here. These are EMT – B, Firefighter 1 NFP 1001 and Fire Academy. One gets certificates on successful completion of the course. This course is approved by Texas, an IFSAC State situated in US.