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Online Degrees in Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy also called Creative therapy is an attractive choice for people all over the world, who want to make money. These degrees were initially offered as regular courses which were taught on campus. But with an increase in demand and advancement in technology these degrees are now offered online. And the best part is that they are offered at very affordable prices.

People who are passionate about serving the human race by healing their problems can take up these courses. These online degrees in expressive therapy help an individual to examine the human mind , soul as well as the body  by capturing one's imagination.

The institutes which are offering  Online degrees in expressive therapy have been listed below.

The National Institute of expressive therapy

This Institute is one of the very reputed institutes offering a range of online degrees in the field of expressive therapy. This can be availed by anybody irrespective of where that person is residing. This course can either be completed in one year or two years. After finishing this course you get a certified degree.  One can also enroll himself or herself for courses that last for a shorter duration or courses which do not have credits.
The eligibility norms of the institute is such that it benefits maximum number of students. One does not need a very high level of qualification to be eligible for this course. Once you complete this course successfully, you are awarded a certificate.

One can get the details of different variety of programs that are offered under this course. This will help you to choose the course that one is best suited to. Online degrees in expressive therapy are mostly one year programs in which there are two semesters. The first semester includes the study of following papers.

  • Wellness model for the therapies included in Expressive Arts
  • Methods as well as materials for expressive arts.
  • Group activities as well as murals to be used with kids.
  • Innovative methods like dance, theater and drumming for transforming the troubled adolescents.
  • Writing used as a therapy.

The second semester consists more of seminars and practice done under someone's supervision and some more complicated papers.

  • Working on dreams
  • Use of techniques like meditation, guided imagery and relaxation to help in relieving stress.
  • Jungian perspective including techniques like masks, mandalas as well as sandtray.
  • Cooking
  • Supervised practicum
  • Integration seminar

The two year duration program consists of four semesters where emphasis is laid on the use of contemporary arts. Subjects such as cross cultural therapy and therapies involving couples, families, children as well as adolescents helps in giving a better perspective on human behavior and different methods to deal with them.
The range of non credit as well as short courses that are offered by these institutes can also be read online through e mails or video sharing and the various modes of online communication.