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Online Catholic Degrees

Online course has caught the world ' s frenzy. It has enabled people from all over the world to get degrees in various courses from the comforts of their home. Apart from the professional degrees, there are a number of general course also in which the students as well as the professional can enroll themselves. Among these courses , theology is being offered by most of the recognized online colleges. Someone who is interested in this subject can easily get a list of colleges offering online degrees in it. There are various parts of this course and one of them is Online catholic degrees. Someone who wants to study religious subjects or wants to get a degree in theology can enroll himself for Online Catholic Degrees. Some colleges also offers degree in the course of divinity.

There are numerous colleges offering Online catholic degrees. Some of them are discussed below:
Catholic Distance University

The Universities offering these courses basically aim at giving the student an understanding of the messages as well as the teachings of Christianity. It basically focuses on a systematic study religious messages that are their in the religious scriptures of Catholics. Some of the other things that are taught in this course is the spirituality that has been inherited by the Doctors, Fathers and the Saints.

Catholic Distance University can be accessed by people from all over the world. The students are supported by the Roman Catholic Church in acquiring knowledge on the subjects they choose to study. These courses help people gain knowledge about the religion which therefore leads to development of faith. This course is not restricted to just Catholics. Even people who do not belong to this religion can enroll in this course to gain knowledge about it. Not only degree courses but even  non degree courses are provided in these online degrees.

Catholic Distance University is affiliated to State Council Of higher Education based in Virginia. In 1983 it also got official approval by the Vatican Congregation to be known as the Catechetical Institute giving it an authority to grant Catechetical Diploma online.

Catholic University of America

This is yet another institution famous for offering Online catholic Degrees. It is affiliated to Middle State Association of Schools and Colleges also known as MSACHE and from Commission on Higher Education. This University has around One hundred seventy online programs on various courses. Theology is a very popular paper among all these courses. Some of the very highly reputed as well as recognized are listed below.

  • Christian Studies Associate
  • AA in Ministry of Church
  • Bachelors degree in Studies of bible.
  • BA in Ministry of Transformation Christianity
  • Masters in Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Masters in Religious Chaplaincy
  • Doctorate degree in ministry
  • AA in religion
  • Master of Arts in Worship Studies
  • Bachelors of science in Religion
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies which include Spirituality, Holistic Studies and Religion.