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At First Class Education we have a lot of scholastic and academic information here for you – everything from the best online Universities to a number of online degree courses such as Applied Management, Alternative Medicine, Aeronautical Sciences, Management Sciences and many more.

We've designed this website keeping in mind, the flexibility of studying online. We have included information on a number of degree courses from some of the best universities in the world. Some of them are Argosy University Online, Ashford University, California State University and Capella University.

Besides full term degree courses, we've included information on a number of fast-track courses in various disciplines. We’ve included information on a few good short-term, degree and certificate courses, courses that will be beneficial for people working in technical jobs that require them to operate specific machinery and hardware.

Online education is convenient and it’s flexible! Take your pick from a plethora of online programs on our website and enrol yourself. Studying online won’t require you to attend online classes or to appear for online exams at a particular time. There may, of course be a certain time period in which you’ll be required to finish the course in order to obtain a degree or a certificate.

Contrary to misconceptions, studying online is both convenient and beneficial, especially for people who are interested in taking up regular degree courses but are unable to do so owing to full time jobs and responsibilities. In addition to this, online degrees are perfect for people who wish to continue further studies in their respective disciplines.

Besides this, you will be able to refer to online course materials and benefit from ‘classes by mail’ at a time, you’ve chosen! Just read through our reviews on all distant education courses and universities and find out all that is in store for you.